If you're a car owner, you're probably aware of the process you need to go through when you're buying new tires and rims.

The first thing the user sees when they visit the site is the prominent search field created to quickly find matching tires for your car. By entering your plate number, we're quickly able to look up all necessary information about your vehicle and give you suggestions of tires for performance, budget or a mixture of both.

The search field is was also intended to predict what you were looking for, taking season and your car model into account.

Start page

We wanted the customers to be confident in their choice of tires, but unless you have an interest in cars you might not have the necessary knowledge to pick the right ones. On top of that, your choice can have major consequences for safety, comfort and obviously economy. In the end, we wanted to create a customer experience where you'd feel like you were an expert on tires and rims, no matter your actual knowledge.

Studies showed that customers generally had difficulties knowing what's most important when shopping for tires online. Questions such as whether or not the tires fit or how they recieve the tires after the order often appeared, so the design needed to reflect these questions.

Guiding the users

The most interesting challenge was to guide the customers to look at the slightly more expensive tires, effectively upselling them, and ensure satisfaction with their purchase. More exclusive tires often provide shorter braking distances, less noise and slower wear then the cheaper options.

We designed the category page in way where we could provide the customers with recommendations, depending on car, and a way to find your perfect tires by adjusting filter sliders consisting of what would be most important for you.


Preferences 2

Rich information and easy checkout

As with previous steps in the ordering flow, the product page is also connected to your vehicle. We show assurances that the tires fits your car (and with 100% guarantee), and we upsell on packages where you can save a few bucks if you combine the current product with rims.

The product page is rich with information and uses a similar layout to the filter in previous steps. We also give detailed information what each row means.

Product page and checkout

The checkout is powered by several connected services to make it easier for the customer to finalize their purchase. In the actuall cart we offer an option to add pouches for the tires they are about to use, necessary when you're putting them into storage.

At the bottom we do a final upsell where the customer can book a time for tire and rim installation from a service place nearby his or her postal code.

What we achieved

The result was a modern and intuitive e-commerce website for tires and rims; a stripped-down order process that did not require prior knowledge of pretty much anything related to tires that started with an intuitive way to look up your car and ended with a easy way to finalize your purchase and follow your order.

Unsure customer receives product recommendations based on what is important and gets an insight into what makes each tire unique.

The new platform has become faster and, in addition to its new design, been better optimized for Google and other search engines due to the various content pages.